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MC Resources Search Process

1. Listening
This is the most important part of the search process. If we don’t understand exactly
what qualities you seek in a candidate, the search will not produce the desired
results. This is why MC Resources concentrates on listening first.

Our goal is to fully understand the needs of the company and the roles that are most
crucial to your success. We gain a thorough understanding of the position, the organization,
the workplace culture and the search assignment.

2. Develop Strategy & Course of Action:
After a mutual agreement is reached on all search criteria, we develop a customized
strategy for each client. A course of action is determined (time line, identify client's
interviewing team and follow-up procedures.) Based on our comprehensive research
of your industry niche, we develop a strategy to locate and to identify prospective
people. This includes strategizing on how to attract candidates from your top

3. Identify & Contact Prospective Candidates:
We source new candidates through our network of contacts, referrals
and old fashioned recruitment. Our team promotes the opportunity in
strict confidence to prospective candidates. We have the resources and
unique ability to identify and engage the top talent in your marketplace.

We conduct comprehensive telephone interviews and when necessary
employ video conferencing with candidates using behavioral based questions
to ascertain three crucial qualifying factors:

Do they have the appropriate background?
Are they willing to change jobs for the right opportunity?
Do their goals in making a career move align with yours?

We evaluate prospective candidates against established criteria to locate highly
qualified people that will blend with the company's goals and culture. We check
references to verify

4. Present Most Qualified Candidates:
After all above qualifications are met, we will present a resume and a descriptive
summary of the candidate's career, his/her goals, his/her personality and salary
expectations. We present only candidates that are seriously interested in the
position, the practice and whose goals match the practices salary range. We will
not waste our client's time presenting unqualified people whom do not have the
necessary skill sets, personality and sincere interest.

5. Obtain Feedback From Company & Candidates:
At this time we address any concerns of hiring officials and candidates. We reconfirm
the interest and availability of the candidates. It is imperative that all people are on
the same page to establish a win-win relationship.

6. Concluding the Hiring Process:
We are the liaison for the client and the candidate. We work closely with with the
client to deliver an acceptable offer to the desired candidate. We will assist in
negotiations for the client, and supply much needed feedback from the candidate.
We will verify candidates earnings and negotiate a win-win compensation package.
Once an offer is accepted, we assist candidate in addressing counter-offer issues,
confirm start date and resignation letter. We are focused on creating a smooth transition
for all parties. It is important to pave the way for a rewarding long term relationship.